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Coral Reef Investment Properties


Coral Reef Investment Properties, LCC is a fully integrated, private commercial real estate investment firm.


Our executive team has a market-driven investment approach and a reputation for unearthing unique opportunities to ensure consistent diversification of assets across high growth markets.


We enhance value through customized repositioning programs aimed at stabilizing occupancy through selected tenant retention and marketing programs aimed at attracting a strong and diverse tenant base. We accomplish this through the design and development of customized tenant amenity packages, common area upgrade programs, energy efficiency initiatives and lowering operating costs while at the same time improving services.

The company's executive team has a long history of generating exceptional market returns as a result of our hands-on approach and attention to detail. Management is fully involved in all operational, leasing, asset management and business plan execution details from acquisition to investment realization.

Coral Reef Investment Properties, LLC delivers exceptional performance by aligning the interests of our partners with exceptional commercial real estate investment opportunities. We scour the markets in search of well-positioned assets and provide value enhancement through customized repositioning programs.


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