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The Coral Reef Investment Properties, LLC executive team consists of seasoned commercial real estate professionals with experience in real estate brokerage, commercial development, construction management and capital markets. Our key decision makers have built their careers from the ground up in commercial real estate brokerage and development.
Adrian Socolsky

Mr. Socolsky brings tremendous knowledge and depth from both a capital market and real estate perspective with over 30 years of vast domestic and international real estate investment, development and construction experience. 

William Kennedy Cowperthwait

William K. Cowperthwait has 31 years of construction experience dedicated to varying sectors of the construction industry.

Gordon Schweers

Gordon Schweers is a licensed and insured handyman with over 30 years of experience who provides property maintenance and oversight at each of Coral Reef Investment Properties, LLC Fort Myers properties.

Herbert Deuschel

Herb Deuschel has over 30 years of experience covering a full range of
professional services including tax planning, tax consulting, federal and multi-state tax
reporting, accounting and financial reporting for a wide range of small to large
businesses and individuals.

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